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upcoming : 


 - i am continuing my work on an original musical theater piece with the help of University Settlement after being awarded a NYSCA Arts grant for the project! 

2023 : 

pale caramel [an american play]:

 an unexpected bond forms between a Barista and his customer as they discover more about each other’s lives outside of the café.

this is my very first full-length play! i got to develop it through the Sống Collective's Việt Writer's Lab, with an in-person reading  as the culminating performance. 

payaṇam almuhajir [or love, the inner conscious of a 3rd wrld complexion]:

how do you sing, when you don't have the words? a concept musical|song-cycle|something, about the transformation one goes through when voyaging and starting a new life in place away from home. developed through the ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE program at University Settlement in collaboration with the Adult Literacy Program [more to come this year]!


2020: for the lonely ones.

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